Berlin-based car leasing startup


From a pre-seed MVP to €10M in total funding

The Germany-founded startup VEHICULUM is a car leasing marketplace with over 100,000 registered business customers. Founded in 2015, they raised over €10 million in total funding.


realization: 2016-ongoing


Bringing transparency to car leasing

Vehiculum is the first digital solution that offers hassle-free car leasing. The platform empowers customers to compare multiple models and leasing offers in real time. Besides the price comparison, it also offers additional features such as contract management, which mainly supports companies in managing small fleets.


MVP and further product development

In 2016, Vehiculum founders were looking for a team to build an MVP and lead further product development and optimisation. 4 years and 4 funding rounds later, we are still in the game - facing new challenges and entering new markets. We work side by side with the Vehiculum in-house IT team, which we helped to recruit and onboard.


A long-lasting partnership

Process automation

Most of our efforts focused on car leasing process automation under the hood.

Conversion rate optimization

We worked with internal designers, providing feedback on UX/UI designs and sharing conversion rate optimization best practices.

From B2B to B2C

Until recently, the platform was only available for business customers. We helped to open the application to private customers.

Flexible team

During our engagement, we provided Vehiculum with up to seven full-time developers working on the platform.

Full-stack approach

We use a combination of Rails and Vue.js to build a large and scalable application easily.

In-house recruitment

We helped Vehiculum onboard new team members, ensuring a smooth transition, sharing knowledge, pair programming sessions, code review, and planning work.

Tech Stack

Web development






Guy Moller, Co-founder & CTO

Ragnarson developed our platform using four developers, the guys did an awesome job.

The reason I've kept hiring Ragnarson is that, regardless of which developer is assigned to our project, they will always be skillful and well-motivated. Ragnarson tries to participate in the product life cycle, discussing features and learning what our business needs are, instead of simply coding blindly. I couldn't say the same thing about other providers.

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