Connecting external data for a talent-matching startup.


Berlin’s Leading HR Startup.

With over 100 employees and €15M in funding, HeyJobs is one of the leading HR SaaS companies in Berlin.


realization: 2019-2020


Finding qualified candidates has never been easier

HeyJobs is a platform that helps recruiters launch open positions and accept high-quality candidates. Under the hood, it uses a combination of machine learning, marketing automation, and matching algorithms to deliver more quality candidates at a lower cost than any other platform.


Don’t lose any sleep integrating 3rd party data source on time

A lot of our HeyJobs development efforts have focused on importing and integrating relevant data from external sources. They needed a partner who could do a lot of the software engineering that was required to integrate data from new sources with the data warehouse application in a structured way. They had to meet a strict deadline, they couldn't afford to miss it due to the limited in-house resources.


External source data import & integration

Seamless experience

We adapted the workflows to HeyJobs processes and routines.

Successful on time project delivery

We completed all the work by the set deadline.

Achieving company long-term plans

The work helped HeyJobs to reach their quarterly plans and get them closer to long-term company goals.

Long-term partnership

We’ve been working with HeyJobs on various projects since 2012. The knowledge of their environment and technology stack was crucial.

Reduced import time

We shortened the import time from 5 hours to 50 minutes by implementing a new set of tools.

New team member onboarding

We ended up helping to onboard a new tech lead to provide smooth legacy and knowledge transition.

Tech Stack

3rd party data integration



new data sources


reduced import time

Boris Diebold, CTO

We’ve been working at full speed 3 days after we reached out for support.

The team created a seamless experience by adapting their workflows to our processes and routines. I never had to worry about the team - if there were issues or needs, they were on top of it and they would always figure everything out. They eventually ended up helping us to onboard our new tech-lead to make sure of a smooth legacy and knowledge transition.

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