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Optimized recruitment and career development platform


Streamlined talent connection

Hiperpool provides companies with qualified consulting, strategy, and investing experts using advanced customized matching and comprehensive recruitment support.

United Kingdom

Intelligent talent marketplace

Hiperpool web-based platform seamlessly connects employers and job seekers, providing hand-picked roles combined with advanced matching algorithms, administrative tools, and enhanced user experience.

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Revamping application for efficiency

Since the application was already live when our software development team got involved, the main challenge was tackling integration complexities with Salesforce, addressing legacy code and advanced search capabilities, improving the application performance, optimizing maintenance costs, and ensuring a smooth transition between the old and new systems.


Rebuilt and optimized application

External Services Integration

Integrated with external services, including Salesforce, Stripe, and Calendly, enhancing functionality and user experience.

Improved Efficiency

Upgraded the application's technology stack, migrating from Elasticsearch 2.4 to 7.1 and adopting React for frontend development.

Talents Pool Rebuild

Rebuilt the talents pool system, allowing a seamless transition between the old and new systems while ensuring both remained functional.

Advanced Search

Implemented advanced search capabilities using Elastic Search, enabling advanced filtering and automated candidate matching.

Speed Boost and Cost Reduction

Achieved a 10x increase in application speed, significantly reducing costs and server resource requirements.

Administrative Tools

Developed administrative tools for talent pool management, enabling efficient matching of job offers with registered users.

Tech Stack

The web app revamped with external integrations

Ruby on Rails
Tailwind CSS
Clutch badge
faster in-app admin tool
reduced AWS costs
Co-Founder, Hiperpool
Co-Founder, Hiperpool

“The developers from Ragnarson we’ve worked with have been very competent.”

Ragnarson has been very good at getting up to speed on an ongoing application, which is fairly complicated. Overall, the developers from Ragnarson we’ve worked with have been very competent. They’ve been able to support us through every stage.

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