We are looking for future tech leaders

What makes Ragnarson’s attitude different from the rest of the market is
that we want our developers to be future tech leaders. It means
that besides technical expertise we emphasize their
development in other aspects such as business knowledge,
communication skills, or management.

If you see yourself in the next 5 years as someone who influences tech and team choices, Ragnarson is the place where you can acquire relevant skills. You can become a tech lead, startup owner, CTO, or an especially valuable team member.

We believe in and train the so-called T-shaped developers. This means that you have a deep specialization and broad general knowledge. We know that if you connect technical expertise with business skills, the outcome of your work will be astonishing.

How do you
get there?

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Knows how to talk about business with their clients
Has excellent communication skills
Receives and gives feedback on a regular basis
Has knowledge about the financial aspects of their work
Knows how to build a tech team
Teaches others and learns from the team
Sets an example for others

Our employee testimonials

Interview with Nikodem

interview conducted byNatalia Krakowiak
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Interview with Adam

interview conducted byNatalia Krakowiak
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If you want to become a
T-shaped developer, check
out our offers and apply now.

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