Advisory for startups

Ragnarson is not only about software (and cash).
We provide our customers and investments with top-notch consulting services.

Ragnarson’s well-structured, agile workflow is by far the best I’ve experienced.

The team created a seamless experience by adapting their workflows to our processes and routines. We use several tools for sprint planning and tracking - primarily Jira. They have access to our internal project management tools like our task tracker and coding repositories. We also use Slack for communication.

heyjobs-app representative
Boris Diebold, CTO

Remote teams

We have been a remote-first company for 15 years. This came with a lot of challenges that we learned how to solve. Now, we pass this knowledge on to tech teams so that they reach a broader pool of talents and become more resilient.

Transparent management

Remote means trust. Trust means transparency. Transparent management is the ability to share every decision and number. It might seem impossible, but we will show you how to get there step-by-step.


While running a software agency for startups, we made a lot of VC friends. We know what they look for in startups (well, we run a fund as well).

A network of investors

We were exploring seed funding opportunities to boost the development of our food-waste mobile application and speed up time to market. Ragnarson introduced us to a number of investors from their network. We held valuable meetings, gathered feedback, and are still in promising dialogue with some of them.

foodsi representative
Mateusz Kowalczyk, CEO

Tech recruitment

Building a tech team is tough, but possible. When the time comes to form your own team, we will prepare the hand-over of the project and verify the skills of your on-site candidates based on the technological needs of your project

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