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Video streaming platform


Swiss healthcare startup

Docflix was born in Switzerland and - like nearly every early-stage startup - needed a neat MVP to validate its idea, attract users, and secure funding.


A Netflix for doctors

A web platform offering the medical community video hosting and streaming services. It serves personalized content based on the user’s preferences and allows them to broadcast medical conferences and seminars.

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Prototype to MVP

We had a limited time to transform the client’s prototype into an MVP and launch it before a significant medical conference. It served as a foundation to test the application idea with the core user base. Since the platform and community around it would define the company, the MVP needed to be failproof.


Failproof MVP

Prototype polishing

We’ve used a previously built prototype as a starting point and turned it into a working MVP.

Modern tech stack

We used React.js for the user interface and Ruby on Rails for the application backend.

Recommendation engine

Personalized content based on user preferences, search engine, video tags, and video categories.

JW Player

We chose JW player for the streaming and hosting services.

Live interaction

Comments and questions sections available during the conference live streams.

Real-time analytics

We provide info about the number of viewers for particular live events by domain, device, and geography.

Tech Stack

Video streaming app

Ruby on Rails
JW Player
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15 000
video categories
Ralph Rutishauser, Founder
Ralph Rutishauser, Founder

“Rather than just following directions, they have the mindset and work ethic to innovate like a top startup team.”

We are a fairly technical organization, and we recognize and appreciate the standards to which Ragnarson holds themselves, along with their clear communication and flexibility to change course when necessary. We are going to use their services again once we secure funding for future development and marketing activities.

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