AWS based automated infrastructure


From one line of code to $1M in fundraising

BookingSync grew out of one line of code into a community of 160 investors. In 2014, they raised the first round of investment, more than $1M USD in a fundraising blitz of only 15 days.


realization: 2017-ongoing


Property management software

BookingSync is a cloud-based vacation rental system that serves as a friend to owners, managers, and agencies during each step of the vacation rental management process. The team developed simple and easy-to-use software that provides two-way synchronization with major booking platforms like Airbnb and booking.com and handles double booking problem.


The platform has outgrown by the set of applications

When BookingSync launched the product, the infrastructure was appropriate, but as the scope of operations grew and the platform gained new features, it began to be insufficient. It became obvious that they needed more scalability. This required a smooth and fail-safe transition towards AWS from legacy servers to build a scalable system and cloud monitoring solution.


Leading a successful DevOps transformation

High-level DevOps automation

Infrastructure is now managed and deployed automatically with Terraform and Chef.

Dedicated Kubernetes-based platform

It meets all of the requirements: from deployment, security, maintenance to troubleshooting, monitoring, routing, and network configuration.

Seamless migration

We performed seamless migration so their team experienced no interruptions in the workflow process.

Improved security of the infrastructure

We set up monitoring and notifications with a proper escalation hierarchy.

Infrastructure audit

Our consultants investigated workflows and assessed infrastructure and software development processes.

Ongoing maintenance and support

We provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring. Whenever something goes wrong, we are ready to take action immediately.

Easy and quick scaling

The whole infrastructure is constantly evolving towards the most optimal solutions available on the market.

Knowledge transition

We provided detailed developer documentation covering the architecture of the AWS infrastructure.

Tech Stack

Automated server infrastructure



AWS cost decrease



Karol Galanciak, CTO

The ecosystem became significantly easier to manage and the costs decreased.

I liked their proactive attitude at identifying the issues beyond the initial requirements and offering solutions for them. The team draws from their past experience to offer critical insight into technical challenges. That helped them foresee most of the issues and solve them upfront, instead of dealing with the consequences, which saves lots of time and money in the long run.

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