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Building an open-source media sharing platform


Switzerland’s Largest Art University.

Zurich University of the Arts is the largest art university in Switzerland, counting over 2500 students. It’s also one of the most progressive schools in the country.

Open Source

Open-source digital asset management.

"Madek" is the software behind the Media Archive of the Arts project. It offers a system of users, groups and access authorisations to allow easy media sharing. It's like Flickr, Vimeo, and Soundcloud combined with a built-in drag-and-drop file converter. At the moment, the platform is actively used by 3.500 users.

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Scaling the Engineering Team.

The University’s internal IT team wanted to improve the functionality of the software by building new features. To speed up the platform’s development, they needed an experienced external partner who would work side by side with the on-site development team and advise on the most efficient solutions.


Flexible Product Development

Team Flexibility

The size of the team varies from 1 to 4 software developers depending on the current needs.

Low Employee Turnover

Despite the long-term character of the relationship, the team remained fairly consistent, with the same tech lead for the last 7 years.


Striking a balance between numerous functions and ease of use is a major challenge.

Update and Maintenance

The current engagement is shifting to operational support, but we also regularly add new features and functionalities.

The Rapid Feedback Loop

We use the agile approach and regularly meet with the product team to provide feedback on features and gather requirements for the application.

Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails Application

Ruby on Rails
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Max Albrecht, Senior Software Developer
Max Albrecht, Senior Software Developer

The first project went well, and we've been working together since 2012.

Ragnarson excels fairly well at the tasks they're given. That's a key reason why we've had a long term relationship with them. They listen to our needs and work closely with our team to make the partnership easy and effective. They've done everything in their power to ensure that the resources initially assigned to us stay with our team. On top of that, they have excellent Ruby on Rails knowledge.

Other Work

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