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Activating an internal talent marketplace


Leading HR agency from Zurich.

With a network of nearly 2000 consultants, a-connect helps clients supply their internal project teams with the world’s best independent professionals.

Mid-size Enterprise

Find the right talent quickly.

The core part of the application is an advanced search engine allowing the a-connect team to find candidates with the perfect combination of skills, experience, and qualities. They can assign tasks to subordinates, as well as manage clients and orders.

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Transforming the talent sourcing process.

Our goal was to improve the talent sourcing process by building a web application that would substitute the old process based on Salesforce. We decided to create a custom web platform to enhance the internal sourcing processes. Each decision or change to the venue we made took into consideration what was best for the business in terms of the value added.


Simplifying core process

Salesforce and Rails app

We decided to keep Salesforce on the backend and synchronize the data with the Rails app.

Elastic Search

The advanced search in Elastic became a core part of the application.

Agile process

We kept on modifying the project scope and implemented further iterations of the solution.

Mapping user journey

We gathered user feedback about the deliverables, and we iterated through the specs to modify them accordingly.

Different permissions

Users have access to different parts of the system depending on their role and scope of responsibilities.

Fullstack team

2 Vue.js and 7 Ruby developers engaged in the project. Remaining agile and iterative while implementing the marketplace.

Tech Stack

Web Development

Amazon Web Services
Ruby on Rails
SAP integration
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Susana Araujo, Chief Financial Officer
Susana Araujo, Chief Financial Officer

The tool evolved purely by converting a process that had worked well into an online platform, essential to our team.

The solution is core to our business, and Ragnarson had a fair impact on building our application by suggesting proactive changes, which we consider valuable. The solution has launched, and we’ve enhanced it with other releases, which brought significant additional functionality.

Other Work

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