What it does

certace is the leading digital marketplace for data science projects. By connecting ace data experts (Machine Learning Scientists, Data Architects, Data Engineers, Information Strategists etc.) with exciting business projects or permanent jobs, certace helps organizations advance through descriptive, predictive and prescriptive data insights. Whether it is defining a data roadmap or creating a proof of conecpt (POC), certace finds the right expert for their clients without incurring the long-term costs associated with a permanent hire.

Business initiatives

Business initiatives

certace needed a support in building MVP within a short deadline

What we did

  • Designed the core application
  • Delivered a streamlined, unified code base, fully covered with automated tests
  • Designed user acquisition flow containing self-assessment, dedicated exam with peer interview system
  • Delivered project acquisition flow provided by potential clients
  • Designed user interface for mobile devices
  • Provided technical expertise and talent

What they achieved

  • MVP in 4.5 months
  • Raised a seed financing round
  • Spendings associated with recruiting a web developer saved
  • A small internal team could focus 100% on the business operations

Tech stack

Ruby Rails Vue.js Google APIs Sidekiq Heroku Redis PostgreSQL

Sibylle Luther, Co-Founder

I really appreciated the collaboration with Ragnarson. They worked very efficiently, always met the deadlines and had good input on certain features for which we needed a second opinion. I can recommend Ragnarson for any startup who wants to scale fast.