Ragnarson Fund

We invest in early-stage impact-driven startups

Startups can potentially solve a lot of problems in our economy and society. We invest in ones that we believe in with cash, know-how, and software development services.

Climate change

Caused by human activities, climate change is going to bring massive and harmful consequences. The health of our environment needs to be treated seriously if we want to ensure good living conditions for our descendants and other living organisms. It’s time to take the natural environment into account in our economy.

Lack of sustainability

We live in a throw-away economy where the concern for natural resources and pollution of our planet emerged only as a recent phenomenon. There still exists a huge gap between our consumption habits and the ability of Earth to replenish itself. We need to close this gap as soon as possible.

Inequalities in our socio-economic systems

When only a limited group of people has access to opportunities and resources, the rest of the society has no way to voice their opinion and or use their creativity or the potential to increase the quality of life. This hampers our general progress and creates unnecessary injustice.


Ideally, you are an early-stage startup with an MVP or pre-product.
Creating a positive impact is as important as becoming a profitable organisation.
Software is an important part of your solution.
You’re looking to raise a pre-seed round.
If you meetour criteria, send us an email with your pitch deck and a brief introduction.







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