Founding impact in Europe is a podcast dedicated to startup founders and investors. We help them to better understand the latest developments in the ecosystem by interviewing various stakeholders.

Recent Episodes
20 May, 2021
Founding Impact: It's time for women to invest!
“We can’t build a world that values women equally if women aren’t a bigger part of the building.”. This time, our guest is Terezia Jacova - co-founder of Lumus Investment, an organization that educates, supports, and connects women to investment opportunities, operating in the CEE region.
24 Mar, 2021
Founding impact: Does Estonia have what it takes to become an impact frontrunner?
Together with our guest, Erki Ani from Cleantech ForEst, we discussed all the important aspects of the Estonian startup ecosystem and talked about the possibility of the next impact unicorn coming from Estonia.
24 Feb, 2021
Impact investing: exploring the impact startup scene in Romania
Kasia talks about the growing Romanian startup ecosystem together with Vlad from Rubik Hub. A few years back, Romania wasn’t a place that investors considered worth checking when looking for impact-driven startups to invest in. But this has changed a lot.
9 Feb, 2021
Impact investing: water as a foundation of our economy with Nicola Lei Ravello
Maciej together with Nicola Lei Ravello from White Stag Investing discuss the impact of the global water problem on the entire world, discussing the new investment possibilities in this area.
20 Jan, 2021
Impact fundraising: public money? Sounds easy with Jonas Schorr from Urban Impact
Kasia together with Jonas Schorr from Urban Impact discuss the whole new world of possibilities to get the public money for your business. There are plenty of options to get support from the public sector, but many founders are not aware of them.
7 Jan, 2021
Impact investing: mistakes to avoid in your pitch deck
On average, investors review dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of pitch decks through a year. During the review, they want to find out what the business is all about, what is the target group, key stakeholders, vision, and much more. That’s why a pitch deck needs to make a good first impression and contain all the important information.
16 Dec, 2020
Impact investing: the relationship between founders
When making an investment decision, investors consider many factors. One of them is the team - they expect it to be solid, hands-on, and motivated to deliver what the startup promises.
2 Dec, 2020
Impact investing: how to ask for intros to investors?
In this video, we share some insights on asking for a referral from the investor’s point of view.
18 Nov, 2020
Impact investing: money vs purpose
Many startups tend to focus only on the financial aspect and forget about the importance of impact and vice versa, while the motivation behind building the startup is what impact investors are very interested in.

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