Founding impact in Europe is a podcast dedicated to startup founders and investors.
We help them to better understand the latest developments in the ecosystem by interviewing various stakeholders.

Recent Episodes
21 Apr, 2022
Founding Impact: Non-profits vs for-profits with Sabrina Konzok from Kiron Digital
As an entrepreneur, why would I want to have both a for-profit and non-profit organization? But that makes complete sense in many scenarios. ‌
7 Apr, 2022
Founding Impact: Sustainable software development | Guest: Tom Greenwood
What’s the carbon footprint of software solutions? At a glance, its impact might seem minimal. Software development is responsible for “just” around 2.1 to 3.9 percent of global GHG emissions. ‌
24 Mar, 2022
Founding Impact: How to successfully combine science and business? Interview with Michael Mitsakos from EVIG Group.
The food production sector is one of the biggest CO2 emitters worldwide. There’s a huge room for improvement in this area. To reach zero emissions and stop climate change, we need bold founders with visionary ideas. ‌
10 Mar, 2022
Founding Impact: How people set their salaries at Ragnarson and why transparency matters - interview with Maciej Gałkiewicz
This time, Maciej took the guest's seat. We talked about what it’s like to be fully transparent and how it works in practice.
24 Feb, 2022
Founding Impact: Why being partnership-ready is more important than investment-ready with Leon Reiner from Impact Hub Berlin
In this conversation with Leon Reiner from Impact Hub Berlin, we talked about an interesting perspective of being partnership-ready as opposed to investment-ready.
10 Feb, 2022
Founding Impact: Going beyond sustainable agriculture with Borris Foerster from Amathaon Capital
Which direction the agriculture industry needs to take? In this episode, we’re looking for aswers with Borris Foerster - Managing Partner at Amathaon Capital.
20 Jan, 2022
Founding Impact: Regenerative agriculture, food waste, and food industry transformation
The food industry has changed rapidly during the last 10 years. Many elements triggered this change - like open-minded entrepreneurs and the influx of money to this sector.
6 Jan, 2022
Founding Impact: Sharing carry with your portfolio by Michael Fairbairn from 8 Dimension Ventures
In this episode of the Founding Impact Podcast, Kasia and Maciej talk with Michael Fairbairn. He’s a partner and founder at 8 Dimension Ventures - a leading impact Health & Wellness fund investing in companies that have the potential to make an impact on people’s lives and world health.
16 Dec, 2021
Founding Impact: How investors help startups grow sales - interview with Katrin Häuser
This episode's guest is Katrin Häuser - the CEO and co-founder of TheGreenSpring. Her company combines business and sustainability expertise with a hands-on approach. Together with their clients, TheGreenSpring shapes ideas into sustainable business models and match them with their trusted network of sales partners, clients, and investors.
2 Dec, 2021
Founding Impact: Steward owned companies - how to secure your company’s mission and independence
Have you ever heard of the steward ownership model? It addresses the concern of many founders: How to secure the company’s values, so they don’t deteriorate over time?
4 Nov, 2021
Founding Impact: From startup to impact investing - Finn Wentzler's entrepreneurial journey
Taking someone’s business over is difficult. It’s even harder when this “someone” is your relative, and even more so when they are gone. Our latest podcast guest - Finn Wentzler - had to face this massive challenge when his father passed away. Somehow, he not only managed to keep his father’s legacy alive but also started his business journey and became a mature entrepreneur.
21 Otc, 2021
Founding Impact: From missing classes to helping tech companies do good
Why is everyone so crazy about communities these days? It's a great way to meet interesting people. As the guest of this episode said, it became his addiction at some point. But it's not only about that. People bring new possibilities. In this episode, we talk with Daniel, the co-founder and Head Of Tech For Good Community at Tech To The Rescue.
7 Oct, 2021
Founding Impact: Fashion, sustainability and shared economy
"No one ever picked a product purely out of the impact story behind it". Our guest - Rune Orloff - decided to pursue the challenge of bringing sustainability to fashion sector and together with Kristian Rix, founded Pool - an impact rental service for high-end menswear.
23 Sep, 2021
Founding Impact: When do I need a CTO at my startup?
When is the best time to hire the CTO for your project? Is it at the beginning, when you’re looking for the product-market fit? Maybe later, when your team grows a bit? Our guest - Greg Kołodziejczyk heard this question from startup founders multiple times over the last few years.
9 Sep, 2021
Founding Impact: How business can help with nature conservation
There’s a constant pursuit of new, innovative business models to bring new revenue streams to the nature conservation sector. Our guest, Adrian Dellecker - head of strategy and development at Luc Hoffmann Institute, sees it as a massive challenge, but also a great opportunity for ambitious startup founders.
26 Aug, 2021
Founding Impact: Sustainable supply chains
Our guest Christian Dietrich specializes in bringing sustainability to supply chains. In the latest episode, he told us about potential solutions and explained how to develop a sustainable supply chain.
12 Aug, 2021
Founding Impact: How to approach family office investors?
In this episode, Stanisław Kastory - co-founder of the Firlej-Kastory family office investor firm - told the story of their investment journey to Maciej. He also shared some details about how family offices work and advice on finding the best family office investor for your startup.
29 July, 2021
Founding Impact: From marketing to impact investing - Kasia's story
In this episode, Kasia shared her story of looking for the direction to pursue, with all the decisions, dilemmas and choices she made along the way. If you’re an entrepreneur wondering which way to go, then you should definitely check out the whole conversation.
15 July, 2021
Founding Impact: Is impact in services even possible?
There are two ways we do business at Ragnarson. On the one hand, we invest in impact-driven startups, on the other, we act as an agency with technical expertise, helping other businesses to build different kinds of products, like software as service solutions and online marketplaces. While it’s relatively easy to focus on impact-driven startups on the investor’s side of the business, is it possible to do that when it comes to the agency?
24 June, 2021
Founding Impact: Why startup founders can’t ignore their mental wellbeing?
The majority of startup failures are caused by human-related elements and around 50% of founders may struggle with the challenges of mental health. In this episode we talked with Joshua Haynes from Masawa about the importance of mental wellness in startups and discussed how investors can support founders and build awareness of mental well being.
10 June, 2021
Founding Impact: How hard is it to reduce companies' emissions?
The number of impact-focused ventures in the European market is growing rapidly. It’s an indicator of growing awareness of global problems. One of them is excessive carbon emission. And that was exactly the problem we discussed in this episode together with our guest - Tobias Matetschlaeger from @Global Changer.
20 May, 2021
Founding Impact: It's time for women to invest!
“We can’t build a world that values women equally if women aren’t a bigger part of the building.”. This time, our guest is Terezia Jacova - co-founder of Lumus Investment, an organization that educates, supports, and connects women to investment opportunities, operating in the CEE region.
24 Mar, 2021
Founding Impact: Does Estonia have what it takes to become an impact frontrunner?
Together with our guest, Erki Ani from Cleantech ForEst, we discussed all the important aspects of the Estonian startup ecosystem and talked about the possibility of the next impact unicorn coming from Estonia.
24 Feb, 2021
Founding Impact: Exploring the impact startup scene in Romania
Kasia talks about the growing Romanian startup ecosystem together with Vlad from Rubik Hub. A few years back, Romania wasn’t a place that investors considered worth checking when looking for impact-driven startups to invest in. But this has changed a lot.
9 Feb, 2021
Founding Impact: Water as a foundation of our economy with Nicola Lei Ravello
Maciej together with Nicola Lei Ravello from White Stag Investing discuss the impact of the global water problem on the entire world, discussing the new investment possibilities in this area.
20 Jan, 2021
Founding Impact: Public money? Sounds easy with Jonas Schorr from Urban Impact
Kasia together with Jonas Schorr from Urban Impact discuss the whole new world of possibilities to get the public money for your business. There are plenty of options to get support from the public sector, but many founders are not aware of them.
7 Jan, 2021
Founding Impact: Mistakes to avoid in your pitch deck
On average, investors review dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of pitch decks through a year. During the review, they want to find out what the business is all about, what is the target group, key stakeholders, vision, and much more. That’s why a pitch deck needs to make a good first impression and contain all the important information.
16 Dec, 2020
Founding Impact: The relationship between founders
When making an investment decision, investors consider many factors. One of them is the team - they expect it to be solid, hands-on, and motivated to deliver what the startup promises.
2 Dec, 2020
Founding Impact: How to ask for intros to investors?
In this video, we share some insights on asking for a referral from the investor’s point of view.
18 Nov, 2020
Founding Impact: Money vs purpose
Many startups tend to focus only on the financial aspect and forget about the importance of impact and vice versa, while the motivation behind building the startup is what impact investors are very interested in.

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