We build web applications

We are Ruby and JavaScript developers
specialized in building web applications for startups since 2006

Web applications

Development of web applications is our core business. We love working with Ruby programming language and we use it on daily basis. Other technologies and frameworks are chosen individually for each project. From business point of view most of our work fall into one of the following scenarios:

  • rapid MVP development
  • long-term development of post MVP products
  • maintenance of existing and legacy projects
  • teaching and passing development to your local team


Designing, building and maintaining server infrastructure requires a lot of knowledge, time and effort. We have mastered Linux server administration over the years. Our area of expertise are: automatization, virtualization, distributed network storage, monitoring, backups, high availability, databases and hosting of web applications.


Putting a web application on-line always requires a hosting solution. In early 2010 we decided to develop a PaaS to support our customers. Now it is available to general public. Shelly Cloud is a complete, dedicated platform for hosting Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications.

Check out our brief document about starting the cooperation, expectations from both sides and short introduction to project management.

Company info

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