Infrastructure and DevOps

We are a team that will solve your hosting problems. Our experts can review your current stack and advice your developers. We are even better in building Platform as a Service infrastructures from scratches to make the best hosting for your use case.

What we do

  • We build automated (Chef), stable (replication for services, monitoring, self-healing), tested (chefspec, integration specs, staging environment), performant / scalable and vendor-independent hosting platforms.
  • We build hosting platforms that fit into your use case.
  • We support for developers who build applications on top of the platform (advices in solving performance issues, debugging, monitoring).
  • We design monitoring systems.
  • We support and maintain platforms or train customer teams to do that (bug fixes, security upgrades, on-call duty, monitoring).
  • We provide help with design, provisioning and maintenance of additional infrastructure.


  • A hosting platform that perfectly fits your needs.
  • Better control of where your data are stored and who has access to it.
  • An optimal solution for your budget - run as many applications within resources as needed without additional costs.
  • A team of experts that can help you with applications optimization to squeeze even more out of the platform.
  • An opportunity to train your own team to maintain the platform in the future.
  • Flexible technology stack - whatever tools you need, we can set up and maintain.


  • Chef - the right choice for building an automated infrastructures. It allows you to keep the configuration in repository just like you do with your application's codebase. Makes it testable and reviewable.
  • AWS, GCE, bare metal - we can pick the best server provider for your hosting. No matter if you need virtual machines or powerful, bare metal servers. We have a long experience with different providers and we can advise you which option fits to your need.
  • Workflow (Deis V2), Capistrano - make deployments easy and painless for your developers. We can build a solution for both single and simple applications that run on one server and multiple applications that run on a cluster that scales well.
  • Kubernetes - deploy containers in any scale cluster. A perfect tool when you need a private Platform as a Service solution built using Workflow.
  • Docker - a great tool for virtualization. It has its gotchas, but we have a lot of experience with production clusters and we know how it plays.
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis - tell us what kind of data you need to store and we will pick and set up a right database for you with high availability in mind.
  • DataDog, NewRelic, PagerDuty - metrics and monitoring systems are essential parts of any hosting platform. Do it well to measure performance and to be able to debug problems without a pain.
  • ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) - keep all your logs in one place and give them a shape using an extensible user interface. Easily correlate log data from your applications and infrastructure planes and/or additional services.
  • Cloudflare - bring your applications to the users using a DNS and CDN provider. Cloudflare offers a lot of handy features for production applications.
  • … and many others.