Core Values

From the very beginning of our existence we were following certain unwritten rules and values. They've been indispensable during everyday duties and decision-making. Because of our growth and the fact that the team is distributed we decided to explicitly state them. It’s been helping us to make sure we stay on the same page ever since.


  • You eagerly learn new things
  • You have broad interests and are curious about the world
  • You strive for perfection
  • You share your knowledge with others


  • You take on menial tasks which you are able to handle
  • You are not afraid of the risk associated with decision making
  • You don’t run away from mistakes
  • You quickly communicate problems


  • You take initiative
  • You care about the success of the team
  • You go beyond what is expected
  • You find passion in what you do


  • You question decisions which you don’t agree with
  • You openly talk about problems
  • You devote time for helping others
  • You positively approach change

Delivering value

  • You recognize what has to be done well from the very beginning
  • You know how to choose 20% of work which provide 80% of the results
  • You deliver high-quality solutions
  • You keep the big picture in mind