What it does

Vehiculum is the first digital solution hassle-free car leasing. The platform empowers customers to compare multiple models and leasing offers in real-time. Beside the price comparison it also offer additional features such as contract management, which mainly supports companies with small fleets to manage their carfleet.

Business initiatives

Business initiatives

Vehiculum was looking for a team for building an MVP and further product development and optimisation.

What we did

  • Refactored monolithic codebase into proper namespaces (admin panel, dealer panel, customer panel)
  • Covered application with good quality tests
  • Improved code quality
  • Reimplemented and refactored existing features to make them work with new database structure
  • Moved application to Heroku platform
  • Analyzed the existing front-end code and provided refactoring plan
  • Restructured the front-end architecture to allow more efficient development
  • Created pattern library to standardize the front-end code and make it easier to keep the UI consistent
  • Evangelised best practices in writing high quality reusable front-end code
  • Collaborated with internal front-end developer (sharing knowledge, pair programming sessions and code review, planning work)
  • Worked with internal designers (providing feedback on designs about UX, consistency with existing elements and the estimated implementation time)
  • Provided technical expertise
  • Provided best practices regarding collaboration in a project

What they achieved

  • A web application which won the first customers
  • Gained seed funding for further development
  • Demo user panel built which was used during a show at a conference
  • Ensured better code quality
  • Internal tech team educated

Tech stack

Ruby Rails Bootstrap Sidekiq Heroku Cloudinary Redis PostgreSQL

Guy Moller, Co-founder & CTO

Ragnarson guys made an awesome job. They took care to improve a quality code thanks to that Vehiculum is ready for further development and scaling its business.