What it does

Company that provides software solutions for IoT sensor installation and maintenance. Applied by energy suppliers and the housing industry. They offer a mobile tool for sensor installation, seamless documentation and automated data logging. An additional desktop application enables control and maintenance of gateways and sensors.

Business initiatives

Business initiatives

Develop a platform for passing data from sensors to a gateway, sending it to a server for processing and analysis

What we did

  • Replace existing ASP.NET prototype with production-grade backend written in Ruby on Rails.
  • Single-page web application for the platform management and sensor installation.
  • Support for over 95% of sensors available on the market for the industry.
  • Code reviews in additional projects.
  • Actively participate in the design and planning of the platform advancement.

What they achieved

  • User-friendly frontend - tailored for the case
  • Stable, scalable and cost efficient backend API
  • High level support regarding product development

Tech stack

Ruby on Rails Vue.js Cassandra Redis PostgreSQL MsSQL MQTT


The solution successfully runs 500 gateways and processes large amounts of user data. Its frontend is user-friendly and its backend is stable. Rather than simply completing tasks, Ragnarson asks helpful questions and makes valuable suggestions to improve the product. Their support is invaluable.