What it does

Working out the body is a popular daily routine for many people. It helps them to keep in shape, relax and stay healthy. It is possible to do the same for your brain in order to enhance your memory and concentration abilities. Memorado provides you with an on-line training and games specifically designed for this purpose.

Business initiatives

Business initiatives

Memorado needed a support in building MVP within a short deadline

What we did

  • Helped to design the core application and provided technical advice to Memorado’s CTO
  • Helped with scaling their product when it went viral
  • Designed the product as multilingual from the ground up, which allowed it to gain popularity all over the world
  • Switched the development focus from web application to API server following the pivot based on analysis of users’ demographics and behaviour
  • Provided dedicated database replica to be used for statistical data analysis, supporting business decisions without sacrificing the performance of production system
  • Helped with hiring new technical lead who was our replacement
  • Handed over the development to their local team
  • Provided technical expertise and talent
  • Product development for two years

What they achieved

  • MVP in 4 months, as promised in our estimates, which helped them to raise money from investors
  • Seed funding ($1.3M) after growing customer base to 1M - https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/memorado#/entity (section funding rounds)
  • Later on Series A funding ($3.3M), still during our cooperation
  • 1M customers acquired in 10 months - since the beginning of development
  • Product is being used in 39 countries, many of them outside Europe and North America, like India, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia, etc

Tech stack

Ruby Rails jQuery Bootstrap Sidekiq OAuth 2 Adyen WebTranslateIt Redis PostgreSQL

Marius Jeuck, Co-Founder

Ragnarson did exactly what we were looking for. In less than 4 months of development they finished an MVP, three days before the deadline. It gave us a significant boost in convincing investors.