What it does

Melodie is an independent online production music library. They non-exclusively license professional music tracks primarily to television, advertising and other media companies. Their mission is simple: to become the world’s leading online provider of high-quality production music.

Business initiatives

Business initiatives

For this project, the challenge was to find a company that truly understood the importance of UX. We required not only a fast and intuitive music search engine, but one which made the process of finding the right track effortless.

What we did

  • Rebrand existing app and prepare it for new market
  • Implement new features and slim down existing ones
  • Improve code quality
  • Analyze existing front-end code and provided refactoring plan
  • Reimplement and refactored existing features to make them work with new database structure
  • Advanced search module for songs based on multiple criteria
  • Built-in player of uploaded songs
  • Integrated online payments (Stripe) and accounting (Xero)
  • Convenient and functional user interface with the use of React technology
  • Provide technical expertise
  • Integration with Amazon S3
  • Advanced tagging system

What they achieved

  • Full company rebranding
  • Redesign of existing app
  • Redefined, simplified UX and music search logic
  • Creation of new functional interface
  • Recruitment of professional composers from around the world
  • Successful launch in Australasia
  • Web application winning first customers

Tech stack

Ruby Rails Bootstrap React JS Elasticsearch HAML PostgreSQL Amazon Web Services Stripe WickedPDF

Evan Buist, Director

Ragnarson’s well-structured, agile workflow is by far the best I've experienced. They have a unique corporate philosophy focused on communication, mutual respect, openness and commitment to each project. This was absolutely reflected in the positive interactions I had with staff members as well as the quality of work delivered.