What it does

Growthmentor is an on-demand platform where you can connect with hand-picked growth experts for 1:1 call to help grow their business. It’s an easy way for startups to get tactical advice from curated growth marketers and tech startup founders. The user can filter mentors based on what tools they're proficient at and book screenshare calls with them instantly. On the other hand, provides potential mentors an easy to use platform for sharing the knowledge and an additional source of income.

Business initiatives

Business initiatives

They needed a team to put their vision into frames. Experienced enough, to quickly settle it on the market.

What we did

  • Built a responsive frontend based on mockups designed by the client.
  • Design and develop a backend application.
  • Dynamic features and integrations - e.g. schedule a call from the page.
  • Assistance from the earliest stages of designing the workflow that shortens time to market.

What they achieved

  • MVP in just 6 months

Tech stack

Ruby on Rails Vue.js PostgreSQL Sidekiq Redis

Foti Panagio, CEO

Ragnarson’s well-structured, agile workflow is by far the best I’ve experienced. They have a unique corporate philosophy focused on communication, mutual respect, openness and commitment to each project. This was absolutely reflected in the positive interactions I had with staff members as well as the quality of work delivered.