What it does

Crypto Investia is a new kind of token-based organization. It allows regular people to invest in cryptocurrency markets without the time-consuming process of learning about the technology and market. Funds collected during Initial Coin Offering are invested mostly in crypto assets. Investments are made by people with extensive practical knowledge and track records, from both the crypto and financial markets. Token holders are allowed to participate in the annual profit share.

Business initiatives

Business initiatives

The need to create an ERC-20 compliant token and Initial Coin Offering smart contract for its distribution.

What we did

  • Developed an ERC-20 compliant token and an Initial Coin Offering smart contract responsible for distribution of the token.
  • As customers of Crypto Investia are not tech savvy crypto users we had to find a solution to make their investment as easy as possible.
  • We also made it independent from Ether price fluctuation. As a result, the only accepted payment option in ICO is a special token bound to local fiat currency.

What they achieved

  • The ability to collect investments that is easy to handle by a non-tech tech savvy investor for whom it is the first interaction with the cryptocurrency markets

Tech stack

Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 tokens Solidity Truffle OpenZeppelin

Tomasz Rozmus, CEO Crypto Investia

We are very happy and satisfied with our collaboration with Ragnarson. We were able to focus 100% on our core business as the technological stack was covered by the Ragnarson team. What I really appreciate is the clear understanding of our business needs and the preparation of non-trivial, non-standard technical solutions as a response to them. It is especially important in virgin markets, like blockchain and cryptocurrencies.