What it does

BookingSync is a vacation rental software dedicated for property managers which solves the problem of renting properties. There are multiple channels used by travellers to make reservations, however, rentals management without a centralized application is highly cumbersome. BookingSync solves exactly that problem seamlessly and improves marketing process. Thanks to BookingSync, property owners and agents are able to save time and book more.

Business initiatives

Business initiatives

BookingSync needed team of experienced consultants to develop and extend its core functionality.

What we did

We were first approached by BookingSync for a short job of building an OAuth 2 provider to authorize and authenticate a new version of their API. The scope of our work quickly grew to include planning and implementing that API, along with making sure it’s done in a secure and scalable way.

This API allowed us to build apps that extended the core functionality of BookingSync without making changes to the main application. Thanks to that, we were able to build full two-way integrations with multiple channels, such as Booking.com, HomeAway and Airbnb, which some competitors can’t match even a year later.

Along the way, we increased our involvement up to 7 developers during the peak. We helped improve all areas of the application. We took responsibility for the technical side, allowing the BookingSync team to focus on business development and working with customers.

What they achieved

  • A growing community of developers building apps using the new API
  • Reduced time for building integrations for new channels to about 30 days
  • PCI DSS compliant architecture for credit card payments processing

Tech stack

Ruby Rails Ember.js JSONAPI OAuth 2 Sidekiq Amazon Web Services Docker Redis PostgreSQL

Sébastien Grosjean, CEO

After cooperating with many different web agencies, I finally came across Ragnarson. They provided me with meticulous and skilled developers who helped me achieve high quality work while meeting deadlines. They have been able to raise my expectations which help us do better for our customers.