What it does

The platform is the basis of all TCP/IP based businesses of B.Grimm International such as masii.com or getmii.com. It’s a complete hosting solution. Combines multiple High Availability services with no single point of failure. Provides tools for Software Developers to perform a variety of administration operations without extended DevOps experience. It's vendor-independent, which allows easy expansion over new regions. Includes integration tests suite that ensures integrity on the infrastructure level even before deploying any physical resources.

Business initiatives

Business initiatives

Need to get a flexible and reliable hosting platform to deploy large-scale products accross the globe.

What we did

  • The core platform based on Deis Workflow project. Provides Git-based deployment over Heroku buildpacks on top of scalable Kubernetes clusters. Encourages micro-services application design.
  • Extra services configured with the best High Availability practices. Including replicated databases, load balancers and external monitoring.
  • Developed an application to handle the platform internals.
  • Tools for managing the platform by developers themselves. For example, to create, backup and restore of application’s databases.
  • Centralized log storage based on The Elastic Stack. Allows developers to search, analyze and visualize logs for simple debugging or more advanced analysis.
  • Maintained the infrastructure for over 3 continents (Asia, USA, Europe) on top of 36 instances.
  • Built dedicated DevOps team to support internal developers.
  • Provided the on-call support in case of emergencies.

What they achieved

  • Faster time to market
  • Professional support for a long-term technology project planning
  • A reliable platform that supports most of the modern web development technologies
  • Reduced costs of building an internal team of DevOps Engineers
  • Quick and easy expansion over new regions

Tech stack

AWS Chef CoreOS Data Dog Deis Workflow Ejabberd Elasticsearch Kibana Kubernetes Logstash PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails

Matthias Jurgens, Group CTO B.Grimm Joint Ventures Ltd., Founder and CEO of masii.com

After working on the platform for 2 years now, I'm honestly impressed of the seamless way to work this quite slim platform. It's reliability, scalability and the fact that we can run it with a very small dev-ops team.
Thanks to our dear friends from Ragnarson - great job!